Prejudice or Ignorance?

For the majority of my life I have always lived in culturally diverse places. For instance, as a child my closest friends were Filipino, Chinese, African American, Cambodian, Mexican, and even a couple white guys :-). My memories of summer consist primarily of delicious food. You name it, one of our friends had a grandma who could make it.

Fast forward twenty years I look around and see myself in an intercultural marriage. I love it. We have two amazingly handsome half Indian half white boys and we live in Washington. Liam PrayingOne unexpected challenge that we faced was the realization that an intercultural marriage was not the norm for many here. While I am unable to express the intentions of the looks that we have received, I can say with confidence the primary look that my wife and I get when walking in the city of Bellingham is confusion.

To be honest, I think my wife may have one of the best perspectives of what we have experienced and she shares about it on her blog – Check it out and feel free to leave a comment or question in regards to any questions that you may have!

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