Get Into God’s Word…Please!

Get into the Word of God….Please!

If someone wanted to give you a $100 digital study Bible for free how would you respond? Here were some of the responses that I heard this past week at Creation Festival.

  • No.
  • No thanks
  • Not really into that
  • Awesome, thanks!

While many were excited about the Word of God and wanted to dig deeper, hearing students respond in an apathetic manner was disheartening. One of the reasons that I love what Creation is doing, is their commitment to get students into the Word. I love that I get to partner with them to help facilitate this process through Logos and the Faithlife Study Bible (you can get the FSB free here).

Hearing students respond so apathetically about their desire to read the scriptures caused me to consider my own desire to be in God’s Word. The truth is, I am not motivated to be in the Word everyday. I’m ashamed to think about how many days at a time I let myself go with out opening up the Bible. The issue is not just with students. It’s with me. It’s with us. It’s with all of humanity. Here are a few things that I have done that have helped me to be in Gods Word.

  • Remind myself why it’s important – Anything that is of importance has a slew of reasons why it’s important. It’s vital that we remind ourselves the benefits of being in the Word and the dangers that can occur when we neglect Gods Word. I love Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 6.41.41 PMHebrews 4:12 and its description of the Word of God. If this doesn’t give you reason to open up the Bible, I’m not sure what will.
  • Take a disciplined approach – This can mean different things to people. For me, it means that I have scheduled times to read the Word. Recently, I have been incredibly busy (traveled almost 20K miles in the last 3 months for work!). Needless to say, if something doesn’t make it on my calendar, its not happening. Practically, I have to get this on my calendar. For you it could mean having seasons of scheduled reading times. Consider how you can take a more disciplined approach to your time in Gods Word.
  • Journal – Yes, I said journal and no, journaling is not only for girls. One of the best advices I got from a youth leader when I was in Jr. High was to keep track of my thoughts about the Word in a journal. Discuss the text, identify things that are challenging, and ask questions. Today, I can look back through the years and see where I was and where God has brought me in terms of my understanding his Word. Some things have changed drastically while others have stayed incredibly accurate.

God’s Word is worth our time, effort, and diligence.


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