Selfishness – Grace – Forgiveness: Our Inability and Christ’s Ability



Seriously, don’t touch it.

Don’t let this cute face fool you, if you even try to touch his donut, look at it the wrong way, or ask for a bite, Liam will take you out. It’s scary to see in this handsome little boy a selfishness that no one had to teach him.

Selfishness. Grace. Forgiveness.

These three words pretty much sum up my week and what God has been teaching me. I want my boys desperately to learn from my mistakes and become Godlier men and future husbands and fathers.

Selfishness: Some may say that they want to teach their children to not be selfish. I may be crazy, but I want to teach my children to deal with their selfishness. I’ve come to terms that selfishness is part of my sinful nature. The only remedy is remembrance of the Gospel. As I remember how selfless Christ was, it compels me to become selfless like Christ. The key is not me doing something, but resting in what Christ has done, and in remembrance of Him, responding.

Grace: I screw up. Sometimes, it feels like more screwing up than not. Then comes the beauty if grace. It’s not something I work towards and build up to have available to use when I screw up. It’s free, it’s costly (Christ crucified), and it’s given to me. Again, remembrance is key here. As we remember the grace extended to us, why would we not extend it to others?

Forgiveness: May possibly be the hardest thing for me. I tend to be extremely loyal, but when I’m hurt or feel betrayed forgiveness does not come natural to me. Speaking of betrayal, I’m pretty sure I’ve betrayed Christ in numerous ways today. As I reflect on today specifically, I betrayed him most frequently by not trusting Him. He doesn’t hold this against me. He forgives me. Remembrance of Christ’s forgiveness, sets us free to forgive.

If you caught a theme, it might be summed up in one word – remembrance. I pray my sons would remember all that Christ has done. It’s key in the solution to our selfishness, the ability to extend grace, and having the capacity to forgive.


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